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About The Artist

I have always loved art and have been painting since I was a teenager.   I am mostly self-taught but I have studied under many prominent artists throughout the years.   While raising a family, I put art on hold until my kids grew up.  If I wasn't painting, I was always doing something creative.  When I begin painting again later in life, people started requesting to buy my art!  I was so honored that they enjoyed my work and wanted to purchase my art.  From there, I decided that I would become a full-time artist and do what I was always meant to do every day of my life!

I enjoy creating with oil and acrylic paints.   My clients provide me a 1-5 photos of any subject that they would like me to replicate.   We talk about what medium to be used, size and frame choices.  I also enjoy photography and often capture my own images and work from those images.  I find my paintings more personal for myself when I actually take the photography from a special place that I visited or had some type of memory at that place.  

Animals!  I adore animals and that is why I decided to focus mostly on pet portraiture!  Pets bring so much joy to the families that own them.   My painting style is realistic and detailed.   I try to capture the unique features of the pet so that it really looks like the pet in the reference photo.   I know how special these portraits are because I have lost dogs and cats that I loved very much and miss them everyday. I am grateful that I had the ability to paint them so they can be near me everyday.   Pet portraits make such sentimental, meaningful gifts for anyone that loves pets as much as I do.   I find it rewarding to be capable of giving people this gift as well.  

If you have any questions about a commission, feel free to send me a message at info@nancysfineartstudio or contact me at 203-942-0145 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you for checking out my website.   I hope you enjoyed viewing my artwork!